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Ingame and Forum Rules!

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1Ingame and Forum Rules! Empty Ingame and Forum Rules! on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:03 am


Game Master
Game Master
Dear users,

here the Adventure LC ingame/forum rules!

1. Using Hacks
-> Permanent Bann

2. Bugusing
-> Permanent Bann

3. Scamming
-> Permanent Bann

4. Spam (Hacks, Trainer, Goldseller, other Servers)
-> 1st time 3 days Bann
-> 2nd time Permanent Bann

5. Insult/racism
-> 1st time 3 days Bann
-> 2nd time 7 days Bann
-> 3rd time Permanent Bann

6. Killsteal
-> 1st time Warning by GM/GS
-> 2nd time 3 days Bann
-> 3rd time 7 days Bann

7. Wallhug
-> 7 days Bann

8. Sell your Account
-> Permanent Bann

9. PvP on MCS/ Hitting GM on MCS
-> 7 days Bann

Forum language in all threads is English (expect in the Talk areas)! In Chatbox all languages are allowed!
Insult/swearing, racism and spam in Forum gets punished by Warning by GM or Bann!

For more questions ask the GM's or GS!!

Best regards

Your AdventureLC-Staff

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